25 years to the day since the brazilian driver Ayrton Senna went missing, the new  Multimedia Museum of Imola Race Track-Checco Costa hosts an exhibition that tells the story of the brazilian champion through an innovative and immersive narration. A journey back in time and, at the same time, a fight against time, a timeless myth. A journey to push beyond one’s limits. A pursuit filled with mysticism and inwardness.

Magic Ayrton, The Soul Beyond the Limits will involve the audience in the story of a life pushed to the limit/lived at the limit, in a multi-sensorial and highly emotional surrounding. Stock footage, interviews, images, memorabilia will be the background of the personal and sporting path of the great driver inside the Multimedia Museum, completely renovated.

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12 December 2019

All the Christmas promotions of Imola’s Racetrack Museum to discover the secrets of the myth of Ayrton Senna.…

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